Earn Live Well Rewards

Earn these Live Well Rewards during Annual Enrollment:

Complete the Health Assessment

Take the Live Well Health Assessment between October 1 and November 1, 2019 to earn a $150 discount on your annual health plan premium (or $300 if you and your enrolled spouse/partner complete it). If you’re not enrolled in a Citi health plan, as a benefits eligible employee, you can earn up to $150 in Live Well Rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards.*

How to Access the Health Assessment
  • Employees: Access the Health Assessment on the RedBrick Portal through My Total Compensation and Benefits.
  • Spouses/partners: Use the public internet-accessible RedBrick Portal. If this is your first time logging in, you’ll be prompted to create a user ID and password and to authenticate your account through your phone number or email address.

Attest to Your Tobacco Status

Citi values tobacco free living by championing a tobacco free workplace globally and providing resources to help you get (and stay) tobacco free. We also ask you to attest to your tobacco status when you enroll for benefits.

  • If you don’t use tobacco, you still need to complete the Tobacco Free Attestation to avoid the annual tobacco penalty on your medical premiums.
  • If you or your enrolled spouse/partner use tobacco products, you’ll pay the $600 penalty ($1,200, if you both use tobacco products).

To stop paying the penalty, you can participate in the tobacco cessation program. If you do, you can receive a refund of penalties paid and earn $25 in Life Well Rewards for each tobacco-cessation coaching call, up to a maximum of $100, and up to $1/day for engaging in a tobacco-free Journeys, up to a maximum of $75.

Live Well Beyond Annual Enrollment

You’ll have many ways to earn Live Well Rewards throughout the 2020 plan year. Get rewarded (up to $300!) for signing up with some of our best-in-class partners who are focused on helping you and your family improve your health and finances.

To get started now, access the RedBrick Portal through My Total Compensation and Benefits.

*Gift cards are considered taxable income. To compensate for the tax, Citi will “gross up,” or issue payments approximating any tax you’ll pay. You’ll be taxed when you earn a gift card (not when you use it). You’ll receive a separate paycheck approximating the tax you will pay on the gift card Reward amount, which will be listed as “LIVEWELLGU.”