In this “real-life” inspired story, see how Citi’s benefits connect “Robbie” to the right support. If you’re in a similar situation, turn to these resources for the help you need to live well.


Meet Robbie

  • Looking forward to retirement in the next five to 10 years, but concerned about having enough savings.
  • Hoping to spend time with adult children … especially with a grandchild on the way!
  • Just diagnosed with cancer … and will need surgery next year.
  • Worried … about health, money and being there for spouse, kids and grandkids.

Mental Health/Work-Life Support

When faced with a serious illness, life’s priorities become a lot clearer. In a situation like Robbie’s, Citi’s breadth of benefits can make all the difference to employees’ mental and emotional well-being — and their ability to pursue the goals most important to them.

How Citi Is There for Robbie

Here are the mental health and work-life resources Robbie turns to:


Vacation Purchase Program

For Robbie, spending time with family is more important than ever. Thankfully, Citi’s Vacation Purchase Program allows employees to purchase five extra days off, so Robbie plans to take advantage of that during Annual Enrollment for 2023.


Live Well at Citi Program

Robbie realizes that medical issues have a big impact on mental health, too. With help from the Live Well at Citi Program’s phone and digital coaching options, Robbie gets step-by-step assistance building stress management skills.


Citi Health Concierge

After getting a cancer diagnosis, Robbie’s head was spinning. A Citi Health Concierge was able to answer questions about the condition, find doctors and suggest available resources … providing real peace of mind at a very difficult time.


And More…

Robbie’s Story Doesn’t End There! What About Physical and Financial Health?

Come back to see more of Citi’s benefits in action:

  • Focus on physical health in August 2022: MSK Direct, Live Well at Citi, Critical Illness Insurance and more.
  • Focus on financial health in February 2023: Alight Financial Advisors, Short-Term Disability Insurance, Health Savings Account, Retirement Savings Plan and more.

How Can Citi’s Benefits Help You?

You may need different mental health or work/life support than Robbie. Find benefits for your needs or take a look at more stories showing Citi’s benefits in action to see if you relate to one of these situations, too: