In this “real-life” inspired story, see how Citi’s benefits connect “Adriann” to the right support. If you’re in a similar situation, turn to these resources for the help you need to live well.


Meet Adriann

  • Young, single and excited to start a career at Citi … but also overwhelmed and anxious.
  • Used to living at home … now adjusting to some big changes.
  • Wants to feel more confident managing life, money, career and relationships.
  • For fun, enjoys spending time with friends, cycling and joining community service projects.

Mental Health/Work-Life Support

When you don’t feel okay, everything else suffers, too. To support the mental and emotional well-being of employees in Adriann’s situation, Citi offers thoughtfully selected programs that address the whole person.

How Citi Is There for Adriann

Here are the mental health and work-life resources Adriann turns to:


BetterHelp Online Counseling

To address anxiety, Adriann calls Be Well and requests online counseling. With BetterHelp, therapists are available by voice, video, text or live chat. The first five weeks of texting are free!


Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions

To boost confidence at work and prepare for growth opportunities, Adriann attends free professional development webinars and explores options for tuition help and a fast-tracked college degree.


Live Well at Citi Program

Making a difference is important to Adriann, so participating in Citi’s Global Community Day is a great way to connect with a cause and earn $25 in PulseCash. For an added sense of purpose, Adriann gets involved in Citi’s Giving Back programs, too.


And More…

  • Through the Live Well at Citi Program, Adriann can partner with a coach to manage stress and work toward personal and professional goals.
  • Sleepio can help Adriann in obtaining more restful sleep and potentially feel better.

Adriann’s Story Doesn’t End There! What About Physical and Financial Health?

Come back to see more of Citi’s benefits in action:

  • Focus on physical health in August 2022: Live Well at Citi, ALEX, Health Advocate, Citi medical coverage and more.
  • Focus on financial health in February 2023: Alight Budgeting for Success workshop, BenefitHub, Retirement Savings Plan and more.

How Can Citi’s Benefits Help You?

You may need different mental health or work/life support than Adriann. Find benefits for your needs or take a look at more stories showing Citi’s benefits in action to see if you relate to one of these situations, too: