Citi offers two dental coverage options, which are the following:

  • MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (MetLife PDP)
  • Cigna Dental HMO (dental health maintenance organization)

The MetLife PDP costs you more per paycheck than the Cigna Dental HMO. However, the MetLife PDP gives you the flexibility to see any dentist you choose. When you visit an in-network dentist, you will pay a discounted fee.

While the premiums for the Cigna Dental HMO are lower than the MetLife PDP, you must use a Cigna Dental HMO provider to receive a benefit under this option, except in very limited circumstances.

When You Schedule an Appointment

MetLife PDP: Let the dentist know that you participate in the MetLife PDP. Your Citi GEID is your MetLife member ID. Be sure to provide your Citi GEID when calling MetLife or submitting claims.

Cigna Dental HMO: Call the dental office that you have selected or to which you've been assigned. Provide the ID number on your Cigna Dental HMO ID card, sent to you in the mail and also available on the Cigna website and myCigna® app.


  MetLife PDP Cigna DHMO
Annual Deductible
Individual $50 None
Family maximum $150 None
Preventive and diagnostic services 100% paid; no deductible to meet (Includes annual check-ups, x-rays and cleanings) Most services are paid at 100% when you use your network dentist
Basic services (such as fillings, root canals, periodontal services, and oral surgery) 80% after deductible Copay when you use your network dentist.*
Major restorative services (such as crowns, inlays/onlays, bridges and dentures) 50% after deductible Copay when you use your network dentist.*
Orthodontia 50% after deductible Copay when you use your network dentist.*
Lifetime orthodontia limit for children and adults $3,000 per person Coverage limited to 24 months of treatment
Annual maximum $3,000 per person None

* See Patient Charge Schedule for more information.

Additional Cleanings

If you enroll in the Healthy Pregnancy Program through Anthem or Aetna, or Citi’s Diabetes/Disease Management programs, you can have access to three cleanings per calendar year if you are enrolled in the MetLife PDP.

Complete this form and submit via FAX: 1-315-792-6342 or Mail: MetLife Dental Claims, 5950 Airport Rd, Oriskany, NY 13424.

Note: The Plan features (deductibles, coinsurance and annual and lifetime maximums) will be the same whether or not your dentist is a PDP provider.

Find an In-Network Provider

To find out if your dentist is in the MetLife PDP network:

To find out if your dentist is in the Cigna DHMO network, you can: