In this “real-life” inspired story, see how Citi’s benefits connect “Alex” to the right support. If you’re in a similar situation, turn to these resources for the help you need to live well.


Meet Alex

  • Feeling the crunch of the sandwich generation … taking care of both teens and aging parents.
  • Helping oldest child plan for college … gulp!
  • Supporting younger teen through depression … help!
  • Every day feels like a juggling act … never a moment to sit down and breathe.

Mental Health/Work-Life Support

When life feels like a house of cards about to crumble if one more thing is added on, Citi has programs to support your mental and emotional well-being. If you see yourself in Alex’s situation, now’s the time to turn to your Citi benefits for help.

How Citi Is There for Alex

Alex’s spouse provides their family’s medical coverage, but many of Citi’s programs are available even without enrolling in health benefits. Here are the mental health and work-life resources Alex turns to:


Bright Horizons Elder Care

Alex gets help from the experts at Bright Horizons to research, assess and select elder care for aging parents. Health Advocate provides guidance on Medicare. The support provides emotional relief from a stressful situation, and is a huge time-saver!


Bright Horizons College Coach and Test Prep

Bright Horizons guides Alex through the college application and financial aid process, and provides tutoring to help Alex’s teen boost SAT scores.


Be Well/BetterHelp Counseling

BetterHelp’s online counseling is a great fit for Alex’s younger teen who’s struggling with depression. Alex chooses Be Well’s in-person counseling to help cope with stress. Both are confidential and free for five visits each (or five weeks of texting).


And More…

Alex’s Story Doesn’t End There! What About Physical and Financial Health?

Come back to see more of Citi’s benefits in action:

  • Focus on physical health in August 2022: Sleepio, Included Health, Be Well counseling and more.
  • Focus on financial health in February 2023: Alight Financial Advisors, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions, Retirement Savings Plan and more.

How Can Citi’s Benefits Help You?

You may need different mental health or work/life support than Alex. Find benefits for your needs or take a look at more stories showing Citi’s benefits in action to see if you relate to one of these situations, too: