In this “real-life” inspired story, see how Citi’s benefits connect “Ariel” to the right support. If you’re in a similar situation, turn to these resources for the help you need to live well.


Meet Ariel

  • Recently married and thinking about starting a family … but the path to parenthood is taking some unexpected twists and turns.
  • Looking to transition from renters to homeowners … but feeling intimidated by the home-buying process.
  • Focused on career advancement and continuing education … thinking about graduate school and working toward a promotion.
  • To unwind, enjoys relaxing and playing with their dogs.

Mental Health/Work-Life Support

Managing personal issues while pursuing professional goals isn’t easy. To support the mental and emotional well-being of employees in Ariel’s situation, Citi offers a wide range of benefits to assist with life’s challenges, both big and small.

How Citi Is There for Ariel

Here are the mental health and work-life resources Ariel turns to:


Be Well Counseling

To cope with the emotional toll of fertility issues, Ariel calls Be Well to ask about options for emotional support. In-person or online counseling is available, with the first five sessions, or five weeks of texting, free!


Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions

Ariel reaches out to Bright Horizons’ EdAssist Solutions Platform for guidance with graduate school applications and tuition support from Citi.


Bright Horizons/Sitter City Pet Care

Through Bright Horizons, Citi employees gets a free membership to Sitter City, allowing Ariel to find dog walkers that can help with day-to-day pet care when work, medical appointments or travel keep Ariel’s family away from home.


And More…

Ariel’s Story Doesn’t End There! What About Physical and Financial Health?

Come back to see more of Citi’s benefits in action:

  • Focus on physical health in August 2022: WINFertility, Live Well at Citi, Citi medical coverage and more.
  • Focus on financial health in February 2023: Alight Financial Advisors, Be Well legal consultation, Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance Program, Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions and more.

How Can Citi’s Benefits Help You?

You may need different mental health or work/life support than Ariel. Find benefits for your needs or take a look at more stories showing Citi’s benefits in action to see if you relate to one of these situations, too: