See how Citi’s benefits connect to real-life needs in meaningful ways.

“Citi Is There for Me”

At Citi, we understand the types of challenges you face, and we’re committed to offering benefits that help you live well in all aspects of your life — mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Take a look at five stories representative of Citi employees that show your benefits in action, supporting real-life needs, both big and small.

Follow their journeys…to understand how Citi can support yours

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Meet Adriann

Young and excited, but also overwhelmed and filled with anxiety

Meet Ariel

Trying to start a family, adopt healthier habits, buy a home and build a career

Meet Remy

Managing a health issue, supporting a child's learning disability, and trying to grow professionally

Meet Jordan

Supporting a teenager through depression and caring for aging parents, while also planning for college, saving for retirement and succeeding at work

Meet Robbie

Nearing retirement and facing a serious illness

Living well is easier because Citi benefits have your back

As these real-life stories show, Citi’s benefits are designed to support you in the moment, with valuable programs (many at no cost to you) that offer peace of mind and meaningful everyday support in a wide range of situations.

From complex issues to everyday challenges, you’ll know, “Citi is there for me.”

Where Did These Stories Come From?

Using demographic and benefits utilization data, we created five stories representative of our employee population and the real-life challenges you may be facing. While they’re rooted in reality, the stories themselves are fictitious and do not describe the personal details of any individual’s life.

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