At Citi, we believe your mental and emotional health are critical to your overall well-being. So when life gets you down, Citi is here to help you up.

Citi offers a wide range of free, confidential resources to help you through life’s challenges and feel your best. Whether you’re struggling with everyday stress, relationship issues, financial or legal matters, substance abuse, depression, grief or anxiety, your Citi benefits provide comprehensive, flexible support options designed to meet your individual needs.

Stress Management Support

Managing stress is critical for your overall well-being — and Citi is here to help. Whether you're stressed because of parenting challenges, family or personal issues, work demands or anything else, there are resources to help you reduce the stress in your life and enjoy more balance:

  • Work with a Virgin Pulse health coach who specializes in stress management. (You'll earn rewards for your Live Well activities, too!)
  • Call a Be Well counselor at 1 (800) 952-1245 anytime for immediate support or to schedule an in-person visit. (Or use live chat on the Be Well website or app (universal username: bewell; password: livewell).
  • Use BetterHelp online counseling to connect with a therapist through voice, video, text or live chat. (universal username: bewell; password: livewell)
  • Get more restful sleep with help from Sleepio.
  • Use Rethink's digital programs to incorporate mindfulness, resilience and self-awareness into your life (available through the Live Well at Citi Program).
  • Use your Citi medical benefits to partner with a therapist (in-person or online) who can help you manage stress.

Your Citi Benefits Work Together to Provide Holistic Support


988: National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

If you need immediate help (for yourself or a loved one) due to emotional distress or suicidal crisis, call or text 988 to connect with trained counselors who will listen, understand, provide support, and recommend further resources if necessary. Here's what to expect if you use this free, confidential lifeline:

  • Dial 988: You will hear an automated greeting while your call is routed to a live counselor at the nearest crisis center in the 988 network. If you are a US military veteran or current service member, press “1" for specialized support. Press “2" to reach a Spanish-speaking counselor.
  • Text 988: You will receive a short survey asking for a little information about your current situation. Then, a live counselor will text with you to understand what you're going through and offer support.
  • Chat through You will receive a short survey asking for a little information about your current situation. Then you'll see a wait-time message while you're connected with a live counselor, who will chat with you to understand what you're going through and offer support.

Be Well Program

Your well-being is our priority. As part of Citi’s commitment to support employee mental and emotional health, the Be Well Program is designed to help you cope with life’s challenges, both big and small, by listening to your concerns and connecting you with the right support for your needs.

The program is free, easy-to-use and confidential. It offers counseling (by phone, text, online, or in person) and referrals to local service providers, as well as coaching or consultation to help you reach your personal and professional goals. You also have access to online education, programs and self-assessments to support your well-being. Citi strives to provide whatever you need to be well.

Who’s Eligible to Use the Be Well Program?

The Be Well Program is available to all active, benefits-eligible Citi employees in the United States and their household family members, as well as paid and unpaid U.S. interns. You don’t need to be enrolled in a Citi medical plan to take advantage of the program.

What Can the Be Well Program Do for You?

The Be Well Program offers assistance with a wide range of personal issues and day-to-day concerns, including:

  • Emotional well-being: depression, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), addictions, eating disorders and sleeping difficulties
  • Interpersonal issues: marital/partner, family, friends, LGBT issues, dealing with conflict or physical or emotional abuse
  • Workplace challenges: communicating with your manager, dealing with organizational change and stress
  • Manager resources: helping employees deal with change, leadership and communication skills
  • Legal or financial issues: divorce, landlord dispute, traffic violations, identity theft, bankruptcy, debt, tax issues and estate planning
  • Elder care: housing options, caregiving issues, assistance for long-distance care and adjusting to retirement
  • Referrals for services: finding local service providers for personal, family and household needs
  • Life coaching: working toward personal and professional goals

Flexible Support Designed Around You

The Be Well Program provides a broad array of free and confidential services so you can choose the type of support you want.

To get started, call Be Well at 1 (800) 952-1245, visit the Be Well website (universal username: bewell; case-sensitive password: livewell) or download the TELUS Health app from the App Store or Google Play. Counselors are available to assist you by phone or through the live chat feature on the TELUS Health website or app any time of day or night, 365 days a year. A Be Well counselor will listen to your concerns, assess your needs and help guide you to the right support, delivered in a way that works best for you (in person, online, or by text or phone).

In-person Counseling

Each Be Well counselor has a Master’s degree or higher, and is licensed for clinical practice. Be Well counselors can provide guidance on a wide range of personal issues, such as stress, mental health or grief and loss. To connect with a Be Well counselor:

  • Call 1 (800) 952-1245 anytime, day or night, to reach a Be Well representative.
  • Upon expressing interest in in-person counseling, you’ll be matched with a Be Well counselor near your home or office location. If you expect to need long-term counseling, you can ask to be matched with someone who is also in-network with your medical plan to ensure a smooth transition after your five free visits. Counselors are available anywhere in the US and at the following Live Well at Citi Medical Clinics: Jacksonville, FL; Tampa, FL; O'Fallon, MO; Irving, TX; San Antonio, TX; 388 Greenwich St., New York, NY; and Florence, KY.

You and your household members can each receive up to five free face-to-face therapy sessions per issue, per year. For example, if you’re looking for support related to work-related stress, marital difficulties, and your teen’s anxiety, those would each be considered separate issues. After your five free sessions per issue within the same year, your Be Well counselor can help you coordinate with your Citi medical benefits to continue counseling, if needed.

Phone, Video or Text-based Counseling

Through BetterHelp online counseling, you and your household members can connect with a therapist through voice, video, text or live chat on the TELUS Health website or app using your laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone—connecting you with the support you need, whenever you’re ready, wherever you are. To get started:

  • Call 1 (800) 952-1245 anytime, day or night, or use the TELUS Health website or app to reach a Be Well representative by live chat.
  • Upon expressing interest in counseling by phone, video, chat or text, you’ll be emailed a brief questionnaire to find the right BetterHelp therapist for you. You can select a therapist based on attributes important to you, such as gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and area of expertise.
  • Once matched with a therapist, you have the ability to schedule your first session immediately. Choose how you want to communicate with your therapist — phone call, video call, live chat or asynchronous messaging (texting back and forth, but not at the same time through a live session).
  • Your conversations carry over seamlessly across devices and use banking-grade encryption to keep them safe and confidential. All therapists are licensed and accredited professionals.

Through BetterHelp, you and your household members can each receive up to five free phone, video or chat sessions, or up to five weeks of free asynchronous texting per issue, per year. For example, if you’re looking for support related to work-related stress, marital difficulties, and your teen’s anxiety, those would each be considered separate issues. After your free online counseling expires, you can continue to access BetterHelp services at a 30% discount off the basic consumer subscription rate.

Online Information and Education

Visit the TELUS Health website (universal username: bewell, case-sensitive password: livewell) to explore a wide range of digital tools and helpful information on a variety of well-being topics. Read articles, take interactive self-assessments, listen to audio recordings, access toolkits and much more. You can also chat live with a professional counselor through the instant online chat feature.

For on-the-go support and access to online education and tools from your mobile device, download the TELUS Health app, which also offers free LIFT Virtual Session Fitness classes so you can work out from home.

You have the option to create your own account for a personalized digital experience, including a total well-being assessment, recommended content and access to self-guided CareNow programs using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Referrals to Service Providers for Everyday Assistance

Need to find a pet sitter, moving company, plumber or other service? The Be Well Program can help. Work-life specialists will do the research for you and give you a list of referrals to facilitate your search. Visit the TELUS Health website (universal username: bewell, case-sensitive password: livewell) or call 1 (800) 952-1245 to get started.

Life Coaching

Achieving goals can be hard when you go it alone. Why not get help from a professional? Working with a Be Well Life Coach might be just the push you need to get started or stay on track as you work toward career goals and/or personal self-improvement.

Life coaches are degreed professionals who have completed a life coach training program. They can support you in working toward personal and professional goals. Take advantage of unlimited sessions through phone calls, emails or live chat. It’s all 100% free and confidential. To get started, call Be Well at 1 (800) 952-1245.

Financial, Legal and Elder Care Consulting

Need advice from a lawyer, financial advisor or geriatric care specialist? You and your household members can receive 30 minutes of free legal and financial advice. You can also receive up to four hours of free guidance and support related to the care of an elderly parent or family member. Call 1 (800) 952-1245 to take advantage of these free consultations.

Management Consulting

Managing staff can be challenging. If you manage people at Citi, and need some guidance or support, a Be Well Management Consultant can help you be your best — for yourself and your team!

Each consultant has a Master’s degree or higher with experience working with Citi’s HR and Employee Relations team. They are available to help managers develop leadership skills, work on team building, manage organizational change and more.

This service is free and unlimited to Citi employees who manage staff or are HR managers. To get started, call 1 (800) 952-1245.

Enrolled in an Aetna or Anthem Medical Plan? Consider Virtual Therapy

In addition to the free services available through the Be Well Program, you also have access to virtual therapy through your Citi medical plan’s telehealth services. Both Teladoc (Aetna) and LiveHealth Online (Anthem) offer virtual appointments with licensed psychologists and therapists. Your cost for virtual therapy will vary based on your medical plan. Keep in mind that your Citi medical plan also provides coverage for traditional therapy with a local mental health professional. In most cases, mental health professionals offer the option of virtual or in-person sessions.

More Support Is Available Through Virgin Pulse

As part of the Live Well at Citi Program, you can receive personalized phone coaching or participate in a digital coaching journey through Virgin Pulse to help you work toward a well-being goal and feel better. Taking small steps like incorporating exercise and stress management into your day can make a big difference to your mental health. You can also complete evidence-based courses on mindfulness, resilience and self-awareness through ReThinkCare’s digital learning programs. And you’ll earn Pulse Points, too!

Not Getting Enough Zzzzs? Try Sleepio

It’s easier to cope with life’s challenges when you feel rested. Sleepio is an online sleep improvement program that can help you get a good night’s rest and improve your mental health while you’re at it. Citi makes this program available to you at no cost as part of our overall support for your well-being.