In this “real-life” inspired story, see how Citi’s benefits connect “Remy” to the right support. If you’re in a similar situation, turn to these resources for the help you need to live well.


Meet Remy

  • Raising two young children, which keeps life fun … and hectic!
  • Beginning to suspect one child has autism … not sure what to do next.
  • Recently diagnosed with diabetes … scared, stressed and worried about medical costs.
  • Wants to feel more in control and find time to focus on self-care … without overlooking work and kids.

Mental Health/Work-Life Support

Why tackle life’s challenges alone when Citi gives you access to experts who can lighten your load? To support the mental and emotional well-being of employees in Remy’s situation, we offer a wide range of specialized benefits.

How Citi Is There for Remy

Here are the mental health and work-life resources Remy turns to:


Bright Horizons Special Needs Program

Remy consults with experts at Bright Horizons to better understand and find support for developmental challenges in children. Many resources are available, including individualized assistance in navigating the special needs journey.


Citi Medical Coverage for Autism Therapy

Citi’s medical plans provide coverage for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and other types of autism therapy for Remy’s child, giving Remy a choice of affordable options to provide the right support at this critical time.


Be Well Counseling

To help feel more in control and able to cope with the emotional stress of child developmental issues and personal health issues, Remy reaches out to Be Well for free counseling and life coaching.


And More…

  • Bright Horizons can help Remy find child care, as well as back-up care when needed.
  • Sleepio offers sleep improvement strategies to help Remy get much needed rest — and feel better.

Remy’s Story Doesn’t End There! What About Physical and Financial Health?

Come back to see more of Citi’s benefits in action:

  • Focus on physical health in August 2022: Transform Diabetes Care, Live Well at Citi health coaching and more.
  • Focus on financial health in February 2023: Discounted child care, Health Care and Dependent Day Care Spending Accounts, Be Well financial consultation and more.

How Can Citi’s Benefits Help You?

You may need different mental health or work/life support than Remy. Find benefits for your needs or take a look at more stories showing Citi’s benefits in action to see if you relate to one of these situations, too: