What’s Changing for 2020

Citi’s benefits just keep growing. We’re continuing to add best-in-class partners and benefits to make it easier to take care of yourself and your family. Annual Enrollment is your chance to choose benefits for next year between October 7 – 25, 2019.

Our benefits will largely remain the same for 2020, but a few important changes will take effect on January 1:


Your contributions for medical coverage will increase for 2020, on average by 2% (well below the national average), assuming you do not switch into a new benefits eligible pay band for the 2020 plan year. Please note that once your benefits eligible pay is calculated to determine benefits and contributions for the 2020 plan year, it will not change until it is calculated again for the next plan year.

Contributions for long-term disability coverage will decrease significantly, on average by 20%.

To see your 2020 premiums, visit Your Benefits Resources™ (YBR™), available through My Total Compensation and Benefits.

iconExpanded Women’s and Family Health Coverage

Gender Diversity and Inclusion is a top priority at Citi, and we strive to offer benefits to support you in creating a family, if and when you choose. Adding to our current fertility, surrogacy and adoption programs, we’re expanding the ways we support and cover women’s and family health through our benefits program.

  • Fertility preservation (also known as egg freezing) benefits will be available to any covered person through our HDHP and CP500 medical plans.
  • Last year, we introduced a new benefit through our Anthem medical plans called WINFertility. Starting in 2020, WINFertility will assist Anthem members with managing their prescription drugs for fertility services.
iconAdditional Medical Plan Changes
  • For Anthem medical plans only:
    • An expanded hospice benefit will allow members to seek curative care to help them recover from a condition or illness, bereavement services, including a review of the needs of the bereaved family and the development of a care plan to meet those needs and more.
    • If you receive certain specialty drugs at an outpatient hospital facility, you may receive a letter from Anthem about utilizing a different site of care for infusions. This would include receiving infusions for those drugs in the office setting, an infusion center or in the comfort of your own home.
    • All members will receive a new ID card for 2020.
  • The Kaiser Mid-Atlantic and Georgia HMOs will no longer be offered. Employees in the Kaiser Mid-Atlantic and Georgia HMOs will default to the ChoicePlan 500 at the same coverage level, unless they make an active election during the enrollment period.
iconDental Plan Enhancements

We’re making the following enhancements to dental plans for 2020:

MetLife PDP

  • The fluoride treatment limit will increase to twice per calendar year.
  • The age limit for dental sealants will increase up to age 19 – one application for every 60 months.
  • Diagnostic and preventive claims, such as X-rays and cleanings during your annual check-up, now do not count towards your calendar year maximum. Your calendar year maximum is the amount of money your dental plan provides annually. This enhancement will provide you with a larger budget to pay for other dental services you may need during the year.
  • Those enrolled in a Healthy Pregnancy Program through Anthem or Aetna, or Citi’s Diabetes/Disease Management programs now have access to three cleanings per calendar year.

Cigna DHMO

  • The network is expanding into over 5,000 new ZIP codes. Check to see if your dentist now participates in the Cigna network, if you are considering electing such coverage.
  • The Cigna DHMO now allows enrolled children to see a pediatric dentist up to age 13. This enhancement became effective on September 1, 2019, replacing the age limit rule that required children to switch to a general dentist at age 7.
iconMetLaw (from Hyatt Legal Plans)

MetLaw covers a wide range of legal services, including family law, wills and estates, debt matters, real estate transactions and more. In order to participate in this benefit, you’ll need to take action during Annual Enrollment, if you’re eligible. If you do not take action, you’ll have to wait until next year’s Annual Enrollment to enroll in this benefit.

Once enrolled, you’ll pay $15 per month on an after-tax basis. For more information, review the MetLaw Product Overview.

Enrollment Resources and Tips

Don’t forget Citi offers access to healthy activities through RedBrick Journeys all year long and you can get started as early as October 1, 2019. Figure out which options best suit your lifestyle and earn up to $300 in Live Well Rewards as you go!

Don't Know Where to Start?

Annual Enrollment is your chance to choose benefits for next year, but take a few minutes to explore everything Citi offers. If you don’t know where to start, call your Citi Health Concierge: