New Supplemental Health Plans

Accidental injuries, serious illnesses and hospitalizations can happen unexpectedly. And when they do, they may have a significant financial impact on your family, even with comprehensive medical coverage.

In addition to medical plan benefits Citi provides, we are making available to all U.S. employees three supplemental health plan options through Aetna.

During Annual Enrollment (October 4–22, 2021), you’ll have the option to enroll in one, two or all three of these voluntary benefits, if you feel this coverage is a good fit for your family’s needs:

Accident insurance

Accident insurance pays cash benefits if you or a covered family member has an accident and needs treatment for injuries. This plan also pays an additional benefit if the injury occurs while participating in an organized sporting event.

Critical Illness insurance

Critical Illness insurance provides a cash benefit payment if you or a covered family member is diagnosed with a covered illness or condition (such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer). The diagnosis must be made after your coverage takes effect. You can choose from two coverage levels.

Hospital Indemnity insurance

Hospital Indemnity insurance pays cash benefits to help offset costs associated with an expected or unexpected covered inpatient hospital stay. You receive lump-sum payments for your initial hospital admission, plus daily benefits throughout your hospitalization (up to annual plan limits).

You may enroll:

  • Yourself only
  • Yourself and your spouse/partner
  • Yourself and your children
  • Your entire family
Extra financial protection—in case you need it

While medical coverage pays doctors and hospitals directly for costs related to your care, supplemental health plans pay cash benefits directly to you. You may find this additional coverage useful in the event you have expenses not covered by your medical plan, such as paying for childcare or housekeeping while you recover or keeping up with your everyday living expenses if you’re out of work. The supplemental benefits you receive can be spent on anything you want.

Keep in mind
  • On their own, supplemental health plans don’t provide medical coverage for day-to-day health care needs. Rather, they’re intended to supplement the coverage provided by your primary medical plan. If you’re looking for information about Citi’s medical plans, visit the 2022 Medical Plan Options page.
  • You don’t need to be enrolled in a Citi medical plan to elect supplemental health insurance. These plans can be paired with any medical coverage — whether it’s Aetna, Anthem, an HMO, or coverage you have through your spouse/partner.
  • You pay for supplemental health insurance through after-tax paycheck deductions.
Learn more

For more information about these plans, review the brochures for each Aetna supplemental health plan:

You can also visit Aetna’s Supplemental Health Resource website or call Aetna at 1 (800) 607-3366.