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Plan for retirement

Wherever you are in your life, it's important to consider what retirement will look like for you, even if it seems years away. The Citi Retirement Savings Plan enables you to make a plan for retirement*.

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Receive financial advice

No matter your financial situation, Citi offers financial advice and resources to assist you with all money matters.

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Stay on track with your retirement

If you're looking for assistance with managing your account to help keep you on track for retirement, Alight Financial Advisors can provide personalized savings and investment advice.

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Pay for expenses with savings and/or spending accounts

Savings and spending accounts, like the Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) or the Dependent Day Care Spending Account (DCSA), allow you to pay for certain expenses with before-tax contributions from your pay and save on out-of-pocket costs.

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Protect your family financially when you’re unable to work

Citi offers Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability benefits to help protect your and your family's income in the event that you are unable to work.

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Provide security for your family

Citi provides life insurance to eligible employees and also the opportunity for you to purchase additional life insurance to help provide safety and security for you and your dependents.

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Purchase additional security for your family

Citi provides Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance for you and your spouse/partner.

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Save money, tax free, while preparing for the unexpected

When you enroll in Group Universal Life (GUL) coverage, you can participate in the Cash Accumulation Fund (CAF), which allows you to save money that earns an interest rate at a guaranteed minimum of 4% on a tax-deferred basis.

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Use pre-tax dollars to pay for commuting expenses

The Transportation Reimbursement Incentive Program (TRIP) lets you use pre-tax dollars to pay for the cost of public transportation and parking so you can commute to and from work.

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Receive discounts on everyday products and services

With Citi’s employee discount program, you may be eligible for discounts on gym memberships, financial products and personal wireless services from AT&T Mobility, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

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Update your beneficiaries

Review and update your beneficiaries for benefits such Life insurance, AD&D insurance, the Citi Retirement Savings Plan, Health Savings Account (HSA) and more.

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*If you were a participant in the Pension Plan prior to December 31, 2007, also review the highlights of the Citigroup Pension Plan.