Diabetes Management

Managing your diabetes has never been easier. Livongo’s Diabetes Management program allows you to take control of your health, at home or on the go, with easy to use technology and expertise from health coaches.

If you and your family are enrolled in a Citi medical plan and you or a family member has diabetes, you can participate in Livongo's Diabetes Management Program (Livongo for Diabetes™), which offers three components:

  • A connected glucose meter that transmits data and messaging in real time and ongoing test strip supply
  • A smart analytics platform that provides personalized insights
  • Virtual coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators

This approach encourages more frequent blood glucose checks, provides just-in-time outreach from Certified Diabetes Educators and automates ordering supplies and manually tracking blood glucose readings. Most importantly, you’ll receive personalized, real-time information that can enable more confident self-management and improved glycemic control.

iconLive Well – and Earn Rewards!

You can earn a Live Well Reward for enrolling in the diabetes management program through Livongo and activating a meter (if invited by your Citi medical plan carrier). For more information, visit the Rewards for Healthy Behaviors page. Note: This reward is available to new registrants only.

iconContact Your Citi Health Concierge

Citi Health Concierge can provide personalized support and guide you to the right resources when you need them, so you get the most out of all your Citi Benefits — even if your question isn’t specific to your medical coverage. You can contact your Citi Health Concierge by calling the phone number on your medical ID card.

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